A trip to Singapore. The city surprised and inspired.

Travel that’s what gives me wings, inspires, albiet for a while, but still carries me to a different reality, where everything is different, where there is no room for the usual thoughts and deeds. After each journey something new is born in me, something that forever changes me and makes me better. As well as now for the next portion of inspiration I went to the mistery­city, the city of greatness ­Singapore.

It is incredible, it is difficult to convey in words the emotions that I experienced there.
When I arrived in Singapore, for a long time I could not believe that all this beauty was created by
people. Impressive power of architectural thought, breadth and boldness, and what struck me, everything in the citywas created in accordance with the ancient teachings of Feng Shui.

Even modern architects design buildings so that there was a favorable flow of Qi energy. I really liked the fact that on the roofs of many houses you can see the green parks and swimming pools, it is clear that for the residents it is of importance to be close to nature.

Singapore artist oil painting kate kulish photo 15

Incidentally, this is not only a city of skyscrapers, you can find houses built in the colonial style.

Singapore artist oil painting kate kulish photo 18

The majority of the tallest skyscrapers in Singapore are located in Downtown Core and many were built in 70­-80 years of the last century.

Singapore artist oil painting kate kulish photo 14

One of the tallest buildings in the city, the Republic Plaza, whose height is 280 meters, particularly struck me. Surprisingly, it was built in just one year, can you imagine?

Singapore artist oil painting kate kulish photo 11

When at last I was able to look away from the original buildings, I saw an incredible number of installations.

Singapore artist oil painting kate kulish photo 13

Most of them were created with such warmth and love that you are literally enveloped by these feelings for a long time and they do not let go. There is so much tenderness in them, kindness and love, it seems you can stand next to them for hours and soak up this great energy.

Singapore artist oil painting kate kulish photo 8

If only it was possible to keep these feelings forever …

Forever in my heart and memory will the show of the cranes stay.

Singapore artist oil painting kate kulish photo 7

I watched the show, and just could not believe my eyes. It is hard to imagine that people were able to come up with this, and most importantly ­ bring to life. It is so impressive and amazing that you forget about the rest of the world, forget to breathe, to think … But the main thing is that at this moment you feel. It’s some incredible range of emotions that overwhelms, turns everything around upside down and does not return it back. It is so wonderful that I can not put it into words. I know I definitely will come back here.

You know, in this city incongruous seems to combine. Despite such abundance of impressive skyscrapers, people managed to save a lot of parks and green spaces.

Singapore artist oil painting kate kulish photo 4

Parks are in each residential area, they are all different and worthy of attention, but I was just struck by the one that is located near the Super skyscraper with a swimming pool on the roof ­ the park of Marina Bay Resort complex. It seems that you are somewhere in the fantastic world of the Avatar movie.Singapore artist oil painting kate kulish photo 1
Going into the greenhouse, I suddenly realized that the parks that I’ve seen before, pale against the background of all this splendor.

Singapore artist oil painting kate kulish photo 16

Beautiful and exotic plants by themelves, they are formed into original installations, which creates a strong feeling of unreality. And the whole of Singapore seems too unreal, I am amazed by this city. The feelings that it aroused will forever remain in my heart and in the paintings.

Singapore artist oil painting kate kulish photo 10

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