International Symposium in Mallnitz, Austria

It so happened that I was not used to live without traveling, and since there are a lot of international symposiums in the world, I often visit them. And here i want to tell you about the wonderful symposium in Austria, in the small town of Mallnitz.

Here was organized an international symposium called “east-west artists”, which brought artists from Italy, Romania, Montenegro, Denmark and Turkey. Here we exchanged experiences, talked about art and travel, which, as it turned out, inspire many of them to create art!

In this amazing beauty place inspires literally everything: nature, architecture, people.

The alpine nature is so picturesque that a bad photo is simply impossible to take!

The impression was that the alpine cows are the happiest cows in the world, because they do not live in large industrial farms, but live in small groups and graze in meadows with succulent grass. And yes, about the grass, it was surprising that the grass of the Austrians is trimmed literally everywhere, even in the mountains! When through binoculars you look at small lawns, you see that they are neat. We learned that the grass is squinting and on those high mountain lawns, and then used as animal feed.

Working and spending time with artists of high level was incredibly impressed. You get a lot of fun and positive, because they are all creative, and indeed, very cool guys. Worked and sculptors, and artists in the same studio.

In addition to the most creative process, we also had coworking, where we shared our experience, told our creative ideas and concept.

Organizers are so fond of the nature of these places, that at any convenient moment we visited places with stunning nature. Indeed, the Mallnitz and its surroundings are unforgettable.

On one of the excursions we visited a small town called “GMUND”. This is one of the most significant centers of creativity throughout Austria. The whole city lives through the organization of exhibitions, symposiums, as well as through the sale of works of art. In a city with two thousand inhabitants there are about 30 galleries and in one of them was presented about forty originals of Jean Miro!

After 10 days of hard work on works of art, an exhibition was organized-an exhibition where every artist showed his work to the public.

During the symposium, I painted 4 works that went to the Brussels gallery of the organizer. Now we are negotiating the organization of an exhibition in this gallery in 2018. Wish me good luck)))

Unbelievably grateful to the organizers and artists for an unforgettable time in Mallnitz!

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