First solo exhibition in “Telega” gallery

TELEGA Gallery in Dnepropetrovsk is known for creative and original exhibitions.

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Ekaterina Kulish has awell presented her personal exhibition there on April 10 2014 . At the opening there were a lot of young artist’s admirers, and what is remarkable, more than 50% of all visitors were the young people .

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Katherine’s paintings attract viewers, because looking at them the person may experience a whole range of positive emotions. Paintings filled with ease, romance and every detail supports this sentiment. The name of the event most accurately accurately conveys her mood. Nocturne – a little piece of music, which is considered the hallmark of romanticism. It is argued that Nocturne shows how the soul opens its best qualities, and how it is dreamed and thought when one is not burdened by vanity.

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Heroes of paintings, united in a single series, appear in a wide variety of images and moods, while remaining at the same time feminine, kind and naive.

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In order for the viewer to feel the mood of the picture deeper, beneath each blade there is a sheet with a poem of the poet Olga Gavrilik.


And although they were not written specifically for each job, the organizers managed to find poetic lines in each picture.Despite the ease and romance that runs red threads through every work, paintings differ in depth. To feel the seriousness of the work, we need only to look at the artistic way of the artist.Kate-Kuliosh-First-Exhibition (5)

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