Koh Phangan – island of the dream!

Friends, I really want to share with you my experiences and discoveries on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan. In Thailand, I went for new experiences, enlightenment, because I really needed a restart and inspiration. I can say that I got it all, and even a little more.

Ko Phangan Kate kulish island 4

So, let’s go step by step. I wanted to feel what it means to live on the island in harmony with themselves and nature, we had to completely change our daily routine and, of course, lifestyle. Although some points were not exactly that easy. My day began at 7 am with yoga and meditation.

Ko Phangan Kate kulish island 1

You have no idea what a good way it is to set the rhythm for the whole day, you can choose your thoughts, tune in to a positive and very importantly – learn to listen to yourself. Unfortunately, in the urban bustle to do it is much more difficult, but in Thai everything promotes harmony with the world. After training, there is nothing better than a breakfast of tropical fruits, they have something special here, real or something …

Ko Phangan Kate kulish island 7

Now, filled with positive energy I can paint. 5 Hours I just cannot break away from my hobby, because in my head new colorful images keep appearing, which are embodied on the canvas. So, the most of the plan for the day is done and now – the adventures ahead!

Ko Phangan Kate kulish island 2
Here on the island there are lots of places to roam and you just don’t have time to be bored. It’s great every day to try something new and experience some incredible range of emotions.

Ko Phangan Kate kulish island 3

Friends, I can not express in words how much I was impressed by these majestic animals like elephants.
To feed the elephants bananas is a pleasure for me and for the elephant. The elephant is like a small child, playfully grabs the trunk with bananas and feasts on them. There was also the opportunity to ride on elephants, but I abandoned the idea due to the fact that it appears that the elephant hardly gets great pleasure from this action, given that it constantly adjusts the guide. In general, admiring, touching and feeding these animals brought me great pleasure and inexplicable feeling of understanding and communication with these majestic animals.

Ko Phangan Kate kulish island 8
After I enjoyed the marvelous view, the time has come to conquer the underwater world. Immersing myself in the depths, I did not expect to see something unreal, but I was wrong. I think I got into another reality, it seems that there are no troubles and problems there, only the colorful world of coral reefs and fish of great beauty.
I almost forgot, despite the variety of entertainment, my favorite pastime was to watch the sunset. Yes, it is the sunset, because having travelled around the world for a bit, I can say with confidence that they are great. Look at all this magnificence, and cannot believe that all of this has created nature, always the sunset is so different, but always fascinating.

Ko Phangan Kate Kulish sunset 4

Ko Phangan Kate Kulish sunset

Ko Phangan Kate Kulish sunset.jpg2

Now I’ll tell you a little about finding yourself, it is so important to be able to abstract and to hear your thoughts and feelings. The whole week I spent in the temple at the retreat. Translated from the Tibetan, “retreat” means “care”, “asylum”. During practice you stop contact with the outside world, do not communicate with people, and, of course, forget about the Internet.

The real test was the rise at 4:30, although the day finishes at 21:00. But the experience is difficult to express in words, it is necessary to try. You forget about the daily routine, many of the problems cease to excite and you come to understand that this is only the husks, that the important thing is that actually fills you. Retreat taught to be in a state of harmony, enjoy every moment and live the future or the past. I started looking at the things that used to excite and disturb me much calmer, learned how to allocate the main thing and realized that we are all a piece of the universe.

Friends, if you want to experience new sensations, expand your consciousness and get to know yourselves better, then you definitely should visit the wonderful island of Koh Phangan.

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