Картина маслом от Кати Кулиш “Жертва природы во имя массового рынка”

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This oil painting on canvas is entitled “A sacrifice of nature in the name of the mass market”.
The painting depicts the extinct species of birds through human fault.
They are black and white.
And here is to dissolve.
At the bottom of the picture is Coca-Cola as a symbol of the culture of consumption.
It is depicted in color.
Since the culture of consumption has prospered successfully these days.

-Style: abstract, figurative.
-Size: about 20 by 20 by 3/4 in. (50 cm by 50 cm by 1.9 cm.)
-The painting is too large to send the painting on sub frame so we can send it in a tube.
-Material: Oil paint, multiple layers of colors, canvas, varnish, acrylic.
-Painting is signed and dated by the artist as well as accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.
-The edges of the painting are painted, so you do not have to buy a frame.
-The shipping will be with the tracking number.

Shipping and Policy:
I will send the painting during a few days after payment.
Delivery to the USA, European countries will take 10-25 days.


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