Картина маслом от Кати Кулиш “Изначальный дом”

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This oil painting on canvas is entitled “Primordial home”
In this painting, you can see one big green spot.
This spot is a fragment of the jungle.
You can see leaves there.
They have complex texture.
A lot of forms and tones are inside of them.
And there are gold birds which hidden inside.
The bird is a symbol of freedom, inspiration, and renovation.

-Style: abstract, figurative.
-Size: about 20 by 28 by 3/4 in. (50 cm by 70 cm by 2 cm.)
-We will send the painting in the cardboard box, the painting is ready to hang on the wall.
-Material: Oil paint, multiple layers of colors, canvas, varnish, acrylic.
-Painting is signed and dated by the artist as well as accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.
-The edges of the painting are painted, so you do not have to buy a frame.
-The shipping will be with the tracking number.


Shipping and Policy:
I will send the painting during a few days after payment.
Delivery to the USA, European countries will take 10-25 days.


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