Картина маслом от Екатерины Кулиш “Рождена из света”

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This colorful wall oil painting on canvas is entitled “She was born with the light”
“She was born from the light” is a combination of abstract and realistic styles.
The characters of the woman were taken from the works of masters of the Renaissance and are combined with something modern.
This painting is an attempt to combine old and new time, realistic art and abstraction.

-Style: abstract, figurative.
-Size: about 40 by 47 by 3/4 in. (100 cm by 120 cm by 1.9 cm.)
-We will send the painting in the cardboard box, the painting is ready to hang on the wall.
-Material: Oil paint, multiple layers of colors, canvas, varnish.
-Painting is signed and dated by the artist as well as accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.
-The edges of the painting are painted, so you do not have to buy a frame.
-The shipping will be with the tracking number.

Shipping and Policy:
I will send the painting during a few days after payment.
Delivery to the USA, European countries will take 10-25 days.


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