Solo exhibition of Kate Kulish in milan


What does it mean?

Generally, spirituality is about everything that has to do with the spirit.

Its simplest meaning is the concept that in addition to the tangible matter exists a spiritual level of existence, from which matter takes life.

Kate kulish Milano exhibition

The attribution of spirituality in a person does not necessarily imply that that person practices a religion or believe the existence of the spirit; spirituality is rather a “way of being” that shows little attachment to materiality.

She was born with the light 100х 120

“She was born with the light 100cm х 120cm

Spirituality is an active and vital connection to a force, a power, or a perception of a deeper “self.”

Spirituality, is often seen as a path along which one advances to achieve a certain goal, such as a higher state of awareness, the attainment of wisdom.

the mysterious life of the people 90 на 60

“the mysterious life of the people 90 см. на 60см.

The spiritual journey is a path that has a primarily subjective and individual dimension of ascending type to something higher than the materiality: from this his identification with the asceticism. It may mean a short course aimed at a specific purpose, or a lifetime. Every event of life is part of this journey, but in particular may be inserted some steps or significant moments.

noble souls 100х 120

“Noble souls” 100см. х 120см.

Spirituality is realized with a process of inner growth, that once occurred, is manifested in the daily experience of the world. In artistic field, the art is usually associated to spirituality for the representative relation with sacred images, ignoring the fact rather that there is also a secular spirituality, which does not refer to any cult or religious practice.

noble purple 70x 40

noble purple 70см. x 40см.

There are indeed many artists who have achieved high levels of spirituality without that their works had sacred or religious subjects. Art history gives us examples of great masters that have animated their works avoiding all ostentation and desire to demonstrate spirituality. Everyone, in his own way, guessed and knew the procedures, not only of painting technique, but of creative attitude to take them working successfully with great inspiration. In their works the reality is not shown, there is no description or representation, but it expresses a vision.

energy as a veil 55х75

Energy as a veil 55см. х 75см.

The spirituality in art is therefore not due to the represented subject but to the lived experience, fixed into the work by the artist at the time of creation.
Art is not a door or a passage to have a spiritual experience, because art, in some magical moments, is the spiritual experience itself.
So, this is all you can find, discover and appreciate in Kate Kulish, the extraordinary young talented artist that MAD GALLERY has the honor and pleasure of hosting, in occasion of her solo exhibition, for the first time in Italy, from 17 to 23 September 2016.

Be charmed by her wold, fall in love with her way of being and her expression in art.

Discover her inner world, with gentleness, the same that characterizes her and that makes her so special and interesting.

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