Dear friend

My name is Kate Kulish. I am an artist from Ukraine. For a long time, I lived in Bali, Indonesia. I live my life based on the teachings of Buddhist philosophy by practicing mindfulness, non-violence, and compassion.

The intention of my art is to reflect my inner calm. My technique has been shaped over the years by visiting many European museums and studying painting at university. I was strongly influenced by the works of masters, such as Gustav Klimt, Raphael, and Picasso. The main topics of my paintings are women, abstract landscapes, and decomposed cityscapes.


Decomposed Cityscapes

For me, the city represents one of the highest manifestations of unity among people. The most important part of any city is its soul. Each of my cityscapes is an experiment in decomposing the city and bringing all the details together. After connecting all the details in a completely unthinkable sequence, with an incomprehensible perspective, one thing remains unchanged: the soul of the city. You can change all the details, but the soul will remain unchanged and unshakable.

In fact, I understand this more than ever, as since many of the cities in my beloved Ukraine have been destroyed. Regardless, the soul of each city remains unshakable. The cities continue to live, even if 90 buildings have been partially destroyed.